Rossi angelo srl
Rossi Angelo srl has been founded in 1971 by Rossi Angelo srl, a skilled Brevi’s worker whom, with the support of his beloved family and dedication, shaped the homonym company - nowadays considered one of the leader in the production of plastic castors.

Thanks to his dedication, passion, skills and investments, the Rossi Angelo srl became a family owned limited liability company in 1992. Focusing on the complete satisfaction of its commercial partners, Rossi Angelo Srl ‘s commercial network has been developing since then and can ow count on a consolidate clientele in Italy as well as in the main European and South Afrian countries.

The strategies of our success can be found in the ability to constantly provide innovative products satisfying the market needs, the highest standard of professionalism and technical skills in all its staff, extremely reduced time-to-market for new products.

These strateges have been concretized by constantly making new products in order to position itself as the leader in the field of castors for furniture, interior design accessories and many other fields. All made possible by a strong organization focused on ehancing the value of customer service, which satisfaction becomes the key to evaluate the castor quality standard.

“If you desire to let something moving easily, do not hesitate to contact us”

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